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The information below is provided as a service to Sessional Members of the Faculty Association.  The Faculty Association posts Sessional Job Advertisements as they are received at the Association.  Please contact the departments/faculties directly with any questions related to the jobs.  Simply click on the faculty or department (where applicable)  that you wish to search for job postings.  Any available job advertisements will be shown.

NOTE: This Job Posting website is being provided to WUFA members as a courtesy.  There is no central site on the University of Windsor website for sessional job postings.  WUFA accepts no responsibility for delayed postings, outdated or missing postings, or any other occurrence resulting in lack of notice or non-appointment to a given sessional position

Useful link - University of Windsor Faculty Recruitment

Faculties and Departments Sessional Postings

Odette School of Business

Centre for Inter-Faculty Programs - FAW
Centre for Inter-Faculty Programs - Forensic Science F2015

Centre For Studies in Social Justice



Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Human Kinetics - Intersession 2015

Faculty of Law 

Leddy Library/Law Library

Nursing - Nursing InterSession 2015

Nursing -  F2015F-2015, Fall 2015Fall 2015Fall 2015


ComMediaFilm -S-2015.pdf269.44 KB
Math and Stats 03-65 S-15 .pdf46.04 KB
Math and Stats 03-62 S-15.pdf71.7 KB
English Lang-Lit and Creative Writing IS 2015-2.pdf126.67 KB
Psychology S-2015.pdf155.52 KB
Social Work IS-2015.pdf484.95 KB
Economics IS-2015.pdf43.47 KB
Computer Science IS-2015.pdf52.51 KB
Soc and Anthro IS-SS 2015.pdf282.75 KB
Electrical and Computer Engineering S-2015.pdf487.82 KB
Nursing Intersession 2015.pdf17.52 KB
IMSE sessional S15.pdf43.12 KB
School of Creative Arts IS-15.pdf203.58 KB
Math and Stats course develp.pdf178.61 KB
Psychology revised Int -2015.pdf151.44 KB
Chem and BioChem 59-675(MMB), 59-690(MMB) F15.pdf32.7 KB
Chem and BioChem 59-391, 59-469 F15.pdf31.78 KB
WMST S-15.pdf514.16 KB
FAW 151 I-S 2015.pdf211.41 KB
Human Kinetics I-15.pdf66.66 KB
Mech Auto and Mat Engineering S-15.pdf314.74 KB
LBST-S15.pdf509.52 KB
LBST-F15.pdf510.19 KB
WMST-F15.pdf510.45 KB
Civil and Env Engineering Int-Summer 2015.doc.pdf168.49 KB
School of Creative Arts Fall15 Winter16.pdf196.99 KB
Social Work I-S2015.pdf481.06 KB
Inter-Faculty Programs F-15.pdf43.38 KB
LLC FALL-15 .pdf277.85 KB
Nursing 11-63-166 F-15.pdf17.38 KB
Nursing 175 Labs F-15.pdf17.41 KB
Nursing 391F-15.pdf16.88 KB
Nursing 557 561 F-15.pdf19.74 KB
Nursing Fall 2015.pdf22.12 KB